Chair Positions with the Waste Watchers

Waste Watchers teamIf you are interested in expanding your leadership  abilities, then you might be interested in one of the several chairs offered to Waste Watchers (WW)! Each position varies in role, time commitments, and duties. Read on all to find your best fit!

Open Positions:

Recruitment Chair

The Recruitment Chair is responsible for recruiting new volunteers for the WW, actively seeking opportunities to table at events and recruit members. They will also look for ways to implement this task into outreach planning as well. 1-4 hours weekly

Have an Idea?

If you are interested in leadership, but would like to focus on a different facet of waste reduction or group dynamics, then talk to us about creating a new position in the Waste Watchers! (This is especially good if you are currently a member of another organization, and would like to act as a liaison between them and us.)

How to Sign-Up:

Email Andrea Norris with your name, along with why you're interested in the chair position, and what skills/experience you could bring to the position. You will hear back from Waste Watcher leadership within one week.

Filled Positions:

Rachel Tholl - Membership Chair

The Membership Chair is responsible for meeting and providing orientation for new members, as well as maintaining the member database with updated hours and contact information. 1-2 hours weekly

Sierra Payne - Social Chair

The Social Chair is responsible for planning and coordinating social events for the team. They should plan for one to two gatherings each term. 3-6 hours per term

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