Res. Hall Move-Out Donation Drive


Each year, OSU Campus Recycling and Surplus Property, in collaboration with University Housing and Dining, coordinate an effort to reduce waste during residence hall move-out by educating residents and giving them the tools to recycle and donate as much as possible. Learn more about previous years' results here.

2014 Results

An estimated 22,408 pounds of donations were collected! While this didn't meet our 28,000-lb. goal, we did exceed our 2012 weight. Learn more about previous years' results here.

results infographic showing weights of each category

This year saw an increase in the amount of housewares that were donated, but large decreases in the other categories, as can be seen in the table below. It is uncertain what caused the decrease in donations, but some possible examples include less waste being generated (i.e. students taking belongings home early) or donatable items being thrown away.

Category 2013 weight (lbs) 2014 weight (lbs) Percent change
Housewares 8,922 10,027 +12%
Clothing, Linens, Shoes 7,283 6,664 -8%
Wood 7,081 3,820 -46%
Food, Toiletries, School supplies 2,693 1,897 -30%
TOTAL 25,979 22,408 -14%

See previous years' results here.

2014 Benefitting Organizations

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Andrea Norris, 737-5398
Marketing & Development Coordinator, OSU Campus Recycling