Res. Hall Donation Drive How-To's

Instructions for move-out donation drive

Food (Unopened, Non-Perishable)
Collect in grocery bag* & then place in lobby bin. Must be bagged. Must be unopened & non-perishable.

Toiletries & Personal Hygiene
Place in grocery bag* & then place in lobby bin. Must be bagged (to prevent leaks onto other donations). Soaps, lotions, unused deodorant, etc.

Clothing, Towels, Bedding
Collect in blue bag* & place in lobby bins. Must be clean & dry, & in good condition.

Household Items (decor, dishes, lamps, etc.)
Collect in blue bag* if it fits, otherwise place in lobby bin. Items must be in good condition.

Broken Electronics & Media
Collect in provided blue bag* if it fits, otherwise place in or next to the lobby bin. Electronics, CDs & ink cartridges will be recycled if they are not reusable.

Large Furniture & Scrap Wood
Place all scrap wood (i.e. loft bed kits), and furniture that doesn’t fit into lobby bins, next to your outdoor trash dumpster, on the ground.

Place unwanted bicycles next to lobby donation bins.

Recycling (Paper, Plastic, Metal, Glass & Cardboard)
Place in recycling bins in lobby or outdoor cardboard bin. See what can be recycled.

Any items that can’t be donated or recycled should be taken to the outside dumpster.

*You will receive your move-out kit (donation bags and door hanger with instructions) on Memorial Day, May 27. Donation bins will be placed in hall lobbies May 28-31.

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