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RecycleMania is a national and civil war recycling competition between universities that runs for eight weeks every winter term.

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OSU competes against UO in a RecycleMania Civil War, based on total per capita pounds of recycling plus compost. The final results:

Civil War scoreboard. OSU lost 11.1 to 11.9

While OSU did not take back the RecycleMania Civil War, here is the good news:

  1. We recycled 238,916 lbs and composted 44,333 lbs of food service waste in just eight weeks.
  2. Our recycling rate increased by 2.3 percentage points over last year (to 34.2% from last year’s 31.9%).
  3. All of our waste (recycling, compost and landfill) was reduced this year - meaning we have reduced our waste overall. We reduced recycling by 10%, composting by 22% and trash by 21%.

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Hall Recycling Competition

Hall trophyThe annual Hall Recycling Competition, started in 2011, ran for the first 3 weeks of RecycleMania 2014 - February 1-21. The competition is an opportunity to motivate residents to up their game on recycling at the start of the competition – and hopefully through the end of the term and beyond!Inter-Hall Challenge logo

Rankings are based on total pounds of commingle and glass recycled per person in each hall (cardboard recycling and building trash will not be included in the competition).

Congrats to Halsell for winning 1st place and the trophy! Congrats also to Bloss for 2nd place, West for 3rd place and all the halls for participating and winning points in the Inter-Hall Challenge!

Hall Recycling Competition results chart. Halsell won 1st place.

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