RecycleMania 2011

2011 Competition Results

In all 10 weeks of the competition, OSU recycled and composted 483,449 lbs! This is a significant improvement over our 2010 weights. Compared to 2010, OSU:

  • Recycled and composted 67,831 more lbs (a 23% increase)
  • Landfilled 201,158 fewer lbs (a 17% decrease)

Our biggest increase over last year was in the compost category, in which we collected 2.1 times more this year! We also collected 5,109 lbs of e-waste on our two collection dates and 55 cubic yards (9 standard dumpsters or 11,108 gallons) of Styrofoam during our collection week. Go Beavs!

OSU Again Takes the RecycleMania Civil War Title!

OSU beat UO, 20.8 to 15.3 lbs of recycling per person

See 2010 results here.

McNary Hall Declared Residence Hall Winner!

McNary Hall was declared the RecycleMania Res Hall Winner, which they earned by having the smallest percentage of recyclables in their dumpster. The hall won a game night for their hall, plus a trophy made out of reused materials.

Campus Recycling staff and volunteers audited the contents of a dumpster from each hall March 7th and 11th, sorting out recycling and weighing the results. McNary had the smallest percentage of recyclables in their dumpster and therefore took the title.

Presenting the trophy to McNary Treasurer Resident Hall Trophy

Full Results:

Hall % Trash (by weight) Grade (curved)
McNary 78% A+
Hawley 76% A
West 76% A
Poling 71% A
Buxton 71% A
Bloss 70% A-
Wilson 69% A-
Cauthorn 68% A-
Finley 65% B
Callahan 64% B
Halsell 56%


Sackett 48% C-

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