RecycleMania 2012

2012 Competition Results

The 2012 competition took place January 22 through March 31. During the 10 weeks, OSU collected an estimated 477,101 lbs. of recycling, plus another 60,408 lbs. of compost. This is a six percent increase in per capita weight over last year!

OSU collected an additional 49,025 lbs. of electronic waste in just one month (39,332 lbs. alone were from the special E-Waste Collection Week), ranking OSU 5th in the country!

OSU also ranked #1 out of the 9 Oregon universities who competed in the Per Capita Classic (lbs. of recycling per person) and Gorilla Prize (total lbs. of recycling) categories.

OSU won the Civil War for the 3rd straight year!

OSU competes against the U of O for greatest pounds of recycling and compost combined, per person.

civil war scoreboard

Res. Hall Competition

The res. hall competition took place for three weeks, February 6-24.

Residence hall competition results graph

Rank Hall

Total recycling (lbs./person)

1 Halsell 2.88
2 McNary 2.60
3 Weatherford 2.29
4 Bloss 1.85
5 Wilson 1.59
6 Sackett 1.58
7 Poling 1.56
8 Hawley-Buxton 1.51
9 West 1.40
10 Callahan 1.35
11 Cauthorn 1.22
12 ILLC 1.14
13 Finley 1.00

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