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Tip: Find out where the nearest recycle bins are and see photos of each bin.

Item What to do:
  • Paper
  • Newspaper, Magazines
  • Paperboard (heavy paper is not corrugated)
  • Books, notebooks

Bin: Bagstand
Instructions:Place in the nearest bagstand. Staples, paperclips, & small amounts of tape are acceptable. Books do not need to be altered before recycling. Do NOT place paper in cardboard cages.Please put shredded paper in seperate container to keep it contained (see below).

  • Plastic Bottles, tubs, jugs, jars
  • Metal cans, foil, lids, mint tins, aerosol
  • Glass Bottles and jars
  • Cartons (e.g. for milk or broth)

Bin: Slim Jim or Red Bin (depts.) or Blue Barrel (res. halls)
Instructions: Empty/rinse & place in nearest bin. Ball up foil. Empty aerosol cans acceptable if contained non-hazardous material. NO food contamination, plastic bags or wrap, plastic to-go containers, coffee cups, plates, flatware, labware or window glass please.

Cardboard (corrugated)

Bin: Cardboard Cage
Instruction: Flatten & place in nearest marked cardboard container (outside your building); pizza boxes are acceptable only if not contaminated with food; remove packing materials; do NOT place cardboard in bagstands.


Bin: Battery Bucket
Instructions: Place in nearest battery recycling bin (Valley Library or UHDS service center) or request pickup using EHS's online hazardous waste pickup request form.

Confidential Materials

Bin: Confidential Cart or Box

Instructions: Place in confidential cart or collect in box, mark "To be Shredded," and use our online service request form to request pickup. Fees apply. See more on our Confidential Records Destruction page.

Shredded Paper

Instructions: Place in a bag or box, mark 'recycle' & place next to your bagstand.
Packaging Peanuts
Instructions: Box/Bag them, mark 'recycle' & place next to a regularly serviced recycling bin. Both plastic and biodegradable peanuts accepted (they are reused, not recycled). For Styrofoam blocks, see below.
Toner & Ink Cartridges

Instructions: Collect in a box, mark 'recycle' & place next to regularly serviced recycle bin.
Electronic Media (CDs, floppy disks, cassettes, VHS tapes & their cases)
Instructions: Collect in a box, mark 'recycle' & place next to regularly serviced recycle bin.
Scrap Wood & Metal
Instructions: Request pickup using our online request form or call at 7-2925.

Instructions: We are able to collect Styrofoam blocks in some cases; please contact us to discuss options.

Film Plastic & Hard Plastic (plastics not accepted in commingle)
Instructions: We may be able to collect these hard-to-recycle plastics if they are sorted out seperately. Please contact us to discuss options.
Instructions: Please see our Department Compost page for the options we currently offer..
Instructions: Please send all electronic waste, working or not, to Surplus. Read more on our E-Waste page.

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