RecycleMania logoRecycleMania is a national and civil war recycling competition between universities that runs for eight weeks every winter term.

The 2017 competition spanned eight weeks, February 5 - April 1, 2017.

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2017 Civil War

UO took the victory during the 2017 Civil War with 12.6 to 10.6 lbs/person. In total, Beavers recycled 232,063 lbs and composted 61,440 lbs during the 8-week competition. As with previous years, total composting and per capita pounds of composting increased (from 60,076 lbs and 2.209 per person in 2016, to 61,075 lbs and 2.227 per person this year). However, per capita recycling diverted and recycling rate were slightly down. The amount of trash remained roughly the same.

RecycleMania Civil War scoreboard. UO won the 2017 competition with 12.6 to 10.6 pounds per person

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2017 RecycleMania Hall Challenge

Inter-Hall Challenge logoAbout the Challenge

The annual RecycleMania Hall Challenge started in 2011 and happens in the first three weeks of RecycleMania. It's an opportunity for halls to earn Inter-Hall Challenge points and encourages residents to up their recycling game at the start of RecycleMania, helping OSU compete!

The 2017 competition ran February 6-24. All halls won points in the Inter-Hall Challenge, with the greatest number being awarded to the halls in 1st through 5th place. Rankings are based on total pounds of commingled recycling per person in each hall, which is collected once per week over the three weeks. Commingled recycling includes halls' big orange carts (cardboard, glass and trash are not factored into the results).

Challenge Results

Hall Challenge results graphic for 2017. Read below for top-placing halls.

This year Halsell took the champion title and the most points! Points were awarded as follows:

  • 1st: Halsell – 500 points
  • 2nd: Bloss – 450 points
  • 3rd: ILLC – 400 points
  • 4th: Weatherford – 350 points
  • 5th: Hawley & Buxton – 300 points each
  • All other halls – 250 points each

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