The purpose of the Building Assessment Form is to characterize the waste a building produces by providing a summary of the current state of the building's waste set-up and operations. The results are used by Campus Recycling to maintain more detailed records and to determine if improvements can be made in a building's waste management set-up.

The form will ask you to do a walkthrough of your building to observe recycling bins (see a list of recycle bin locations for each building here), check the fullness of outdoor waste receptacles, and note any issues or ideas you or others in your building have noted regarding waste and recycling.

We will review your submission and follow-up with you within a couple weeks. Note: If you have a recycling-related issue that needs to be addressed immediately, please instead submit a service request or contact us.

Building Assessment Form linkClick here to view and/or complete the Building Assessment Form.

For More Information

Contact Andrea Norris via email or 541-737-5398.