Fall 2020 Virtual Repair Fair Demos

Body Scrub

Here's Waste Watchers member, Ella, with an easy, homemade body scrub recipe! All you will need is sugar, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and essential oil of your choice.


Multipurpose Soap

Here's our second DIY video of the term brought to you by Waste Watchers member, Kira! This is an easy tutorial on how to make soap that can also be used as shampoo. Save yourself some time and money with this hack!


Upcycled Stained Glass

This demo shows you how to turn old glass jars and bottles into beautiful stained-glass masterpieces! Thank you to Waste Watchers advisor, Andrea, and her friend Lucy, for showing us how it's done.


Spring 2020 Virtual Repair Fair Demos

The Waste Watchers Club is continuing the Repair Fair tradition this term in the form of virtual demos!

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Are you tired of using disposable cotton balls? Try out this tutorial for reusable cotton rounds, a simple swap for makeup removal, or other skincare! Brought to you by Waste Watchers member, Alyssa.

Origami Newspaper Planting Pots

Turn old newspaper into a plantable pot for starts! This method not only saves resources and money, but is biodegradable and will protect your starts roots after you plant them. Thank you to Waste Watchers member, Nick, for this awesome demo!

Plastic Yarn

Clark, our local Plarn expert, is here to teach you how to make yarn out of plastic bags! You can make plastic yarn out of any bag you might have and when you’re done, you should have one long string of yarn that you can use to make things like pencil holders, bags, and even clothing! It’s a great way to upcycle plastic instead of just throwing it away.

Restoring Old Silverware/Jewelry

Nick is back with another awesome and easy DIY! Got any old jewelry or silverware that needs to be restored? This is the perfect hack for you!

DIY Firestarters

These DIY firestarters are great for all your fire-starting needs! Waste Watchers member Haley shows us how to make them out of materials that are normally thrown out, making this a very sustainable choice for a fun quarantine craft.

Laundry Detergent Bottle Watering Can

Our last demo of the term is a super easy hack for making a watering can out of a detergent bottle. Not only is this a great way to save a laundry detergent bottle from going to the recycling facility or landfill, but it can also save you money too! Thank you to Waste Watchers member Anna for sharing this fun DIY!


#DIYwalkthru Demos

We also participated in #DIYwalkthru, an instagram campaign started by ASOSU.

Como Empezar un Abono Orgánio en Casa

¡Haz tu propio compost! Mire este video de Carla Perscky para aprender cómo puede hacer su propio compost en casa. El compost es una forma sostenible de disminuir el desperdicio de alimentos y hacer un fertilizante natural para sus plantas.

How to Make an At-Home Compost Bin

Ever wondered how to make your own compost? Carla Perscky can show you how! It’s a fun way to reduce food waste and create organic fertilizer for your plants at home.


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