About the Program

ALL-IN-THE-HALL is a program started by Campus Recycling to increase the recycling rate at OSU. A pilot program took place spring term of 2014 in Cordley, Gilbert, Gilfillan Auditorium and Weniger (results are shown below). All in the Hall unit graphic with text "Recycling & Trash is now All in the Hall"

The goal of ALL-IN-THE-HALL is to increase recycling by providing equal opportunity to recycle or landfill waste. To achieve this, recycling must always be paired with trash, and because placing a recycling bin in every classroom isn't feasible, trash cans are removed from classrooms and replaced with convenient, centralized waste receptacles that are then all in the hall.

This program is coordinated by Campus Recycling in partnership with Facilities Services and GCA Services, with additional support from our Fire Marshall and Capital Planning and Development.

  • Austin 
  • Bexell 
  • Cascade 
  • Cordley
  • Covell
  • Dearborn
  • Gilbert
  • Gilfillan Auditorium 
  • International Living-Learning Center (ILLC)
  • Kearney
  • Kidder 
  • Learning Innovation Center (LINC)
  • Linus Pauling Science Center 
  • Milam Auditorium 
  • Owen 
  • Pharmacy 
  • Strand Agriculture 
  • Valley Library 
  • Weniger 
  • Wiegand 
  • Withycombe

Spring 2014 Pilot Program Results

The recycling rate increased during the pilot.Campus Recycling audited waste from the hallway units in Cordley, Gilbert, Gilfillan Auditorium and Weniger throughout the course of the spring term in order to assess the effectiveness of the model. An average recycling rate of 29.4% was found across the four buildings, with a slight increase shown once additional signage was added (see graph on right).

The amount of recycling found in the trash decreased from the previous year.Alongside this, the amount of recyclables found in trash decreased substantially from the previous year, from a range of 32-59%, down to an average of 1.5% (see figure on left).

Read the full report for more information and results.



For More Information

Call Kaylee Smith at 541-737-7347, or email Kaylee.Smith@oregonstate.edu