Composting on Campus

Composting at OSU has many benefits for our campus and community. Between 300-500 tons of food and yard waste is composted at OSU each year. By reducing the amount of food and yard waste that goes into the landfill, annually, our composting programs prevent between 43,000-72,000 lbs of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. Composting also saves our university money by reducing the amount of waste disposal and tipping costs. OSU's composting programs yield community-wide benefits including healthier soils in our community gardens, enhanced food security, and a more sustainable campus. 

OSU composts food waste in a variety of ways on campus, including in dining centers and cafes, residence halls with an Eco-Rep, office break rooms, and more. OSU also composts large quantities of landscape debris, animal bedding, and scrap wood.

To learn more about where our compost goes, visit our vendor's, Republic Services, site here.

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