Campus Recycling works with departments and buildings on the Corvallis campus to compost food waste. Please review the information below and then contact us to make arrangements for what will work best for you and your department.

How the Program Works

Collect food waste in a break room and dump it into an outdoor compost cart that we service. This works well for both small and large departments who are willing to engage the department/building occupants to participate.

90-gallon roll cart for composting6-gallon bucket for compost2-gallon bucket for compost

We provide:

  1. An outdoor compost cart located at or near your building (serviced weekly)
  2. A lidded bucket for indoor use - the department will be responsible for washing and emptying into the outdoor cart
  3. Instructional sign(s)

The department may choose either a 2-gallon pail with a flip-top lid or a 6-gallon bucket with a screw-on lid. A 6-gallon bucket will be provided for outdoor use; if this capacity is insufficient, please inform us so that it can be exchanged for a 90-gallon roll-cart.

You provide:

  1. Help communicating with and engaging your department/building so the bin is utilized (via emailing, signage, presentations, word-of-mouth, etc) 
  2. A designated person to maintain the indoor bucket (empty about 2 times per week, wash container periodically)

What is accepted: All food waste (including animal products) and some fibers (napkins, coffee filters, and paper towels).

Who's Composting so far?

Below is a list of departments who are already part of the program!

Austin Hall

- College of Business

- Department Rep(s): Laura Rees & Brian Gibbons

- 4 Lidded 2-Gal Pails

Burt & Wilkionson Halls

- EOA Sciences

- Contact: Dawn Marie Gaid

- 8 Lidded 2-Gal Pails

Kerr Administration Building

- Office of the Registrar

- Department Rep(s): Karren Cholewinski

- 1 Lidded 2-Gal Pail

Richardson Hall

- College of Forestry

- Department Rep(s): Irene Shoppy

- 1 6-Gal Bucket

The Valley Library

- Department Rep(s): Uta Hussong-Christian

- 5 Lidded 2-Gal

Waldo Hall

- University Ombuds Office

- Department Rep(s): Shalece Rains

- 1 Lidded 2-Gal Pail

Western Building

- Sustainability Office & Transportation Services

- Department Rep(s): Brandon Trelstad & Sarah Bronstien 

- 2 Lidded 2-Gal Pail & 1 6-Gal Bucket

West Greenhouses

- 3 Carts

Contact Us

Your question may already be answered on our FAQ page.

To Sign-Up:

Fill out our department compost request form.

For More Information:

John Deuel
(541) 737-2856