TS1301 - 8 Outlet Motion Sensor PowerStrip, 1080 J, 4ft cord (183SS-US-8XX)

Help Promote Energy Conservation at OSU!

Smart power strips have two components that make them different than regular power strips: an occupancy sensor to detect human movement and a unique plug to sense increases/decreases in power output (for example when a computer is turned off or goes to sleep). This unique “control” plug activates four switched plugs in the power strip for things like speakers, printers, chargers and other peripherals.  There are also three "always on" outlets. This powerstrip has a four foot long cord that must be plugged into a grounded receptacle. Please take this into consideration before completing this form.

The Sustainability Office has a limited supply of TrickleStar model 183SS-US-8XX power strips available for distribution to faculty and staff for office/lab use at OSU. The primary purpose of this distribution is to lower campus total energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Once completing this form, you will be contacted through email by Sustainability Office staff within one week to set up a meeting time. All power strips are property of the Sustainability Office and must stay in use in OSU buildings.  They remain the responsibility of the original requestor. Limit one power strip per requestor.  Please contact us with any questions!

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